This video says it all. It is libtardas spewing lies and hate both about conservatives and Gov. Scott Walker’s (R) budget cutting plans in Washington.

First, isn’t it great the way liberals can call conservatives anything they want but let conservatives call the One With Big Ears a socialist and we’re being racist?

Don’t laugh too hard when FORMER Speaker (I love how that phrase rolls off the tongue) Nancy Pelosi (WITCH – CA) spews about how she is concerned about “some of the language that is being used.” She’s not talking about the language the left is using, she is talking about the right. But look at the protester’s (liberal left wingers, by the way) signs and see what kind of language is being used. Outrage from the media on any of this?


Don’t miss Eugene Robinson, that liberal idiot from the Washington Post saying, “Violent political rhetoric and the threat of political violence in this country comes almost exclusively from the right.”

And then seeing the sign of Gov. Walker with a crosshairs over him.

WAIT A MINUTE! Sarah Palin was nearly arrested because of what happened in Tucson when that (left wing loon, by the way) guy tried to take out Rep Giffords (D-AZ), all because she put a crosshairs over A MAP (see ad here: ). These people put the crosshairs over a picture of Walker (see at 0:46 in to the clip). But where is the outrage?!?!? As usual there is none because liberal pukes are only outraged when something doesn’t go their way. Only they get to employ a double standard.

Bill Maher. Enough said. Can this moron go away please? Who’s fifteen minutes of fame is he stealing, because he has already used up all of his.

And finally, at 1:13, Democratic State Senator Lena Taylor, spewing about Hitler. PUHLEEEZE – like she was ever educated enough to know anything about how Hitler came to power other than what the unions have spoon fed her. Notice the sign @ 0:19. At the very bottom is the exact same thing that Taylor says. What Taylor and apparently the other ignorant liberals don’t know (or care about) is that while yes, Hitler did abolish the Weimar Republic trade unions in May of 1933, he replaced it with the German Labour Front or Deutsche Arbeitsfront – A UNION! Hitler wasn’t opposed to unions, he was a socialist. He got rid of the Weimar Republic unions because of corruption that he could not control. He put in his own union that he could control. If Senator Taylor would use her brain and think for herself, she could learn all of this. Oh, wait she’s a libtard, won’t ever happen.

Go easy on your libtard friends when they foam at the mouth if you share this with them. It’s not their fault they are uninformed like they are. Remember, a libtard is NEVER responsible for anything, it is all George Bush’s fault.