The Republicans call the Democrats socialists, the Democrats call the Republicans fascists…when is this all going to stop? Why do we permit this  debauchery and deem it an acceptable form of campaigning? While our children sit and watch television and take in the many slanderous commercials, a parent could cringe at the thought of their minds absorbing this mode of behavior as acceptable in our society. This is almost a striking similarity to American Idol Simon Cowell’s callous public treatment of human beings. Unfortunately, our constant reminder to our children, “If you don’t have something nice to say than don’t say it at all,” is consistently met with an opposing standard of behavior by our political leaders…

… TV commercials and pop culture icons. If we live an honest life and conduct ourselves based on the beliefs of our own moral conscience, it is not necessary to point out another’s faults. We stand on our own merit and that alone will show.

It is our country’s responsibility to set an example for the rest of the world of how to live together in harmony as opposed to co-exist in constant discord. The U.S.A. has become even more of a “melting pot” than ever before in history. We need to embrace our differences and incorporate them into our political system and our educational system. Instead of One Nation Under God it appears that, sadly, we are becoming a divided nation under idolatry. Is it coincidental or symbolic that political polls often hover around the 50% mark? The last few elections have been so close that a manual recount became necessary. We are a nation divided yet we all desire the same things: safety and security, both physically and economically.

Imagine not a bipartisan country of Democrats and Republicans, but a country grounded in its own beliefs and principles formed by a unified people, as did our Founding Fathers, as One Nation Under God.