The ideas behind these anti-Walmart accusations are pointing at ethics, not law. Ethics is opinion based, so what one finds unethical another may find acceptable. Personally, I believe convenience is only a blessing to a certain extent, and Walmart is taking it to a level that is not in everyone’s best interest. The comment about the average family saving over $2k a year is arguable. IHS Global Insight came up with that number in a research effort (funded by Walmart), and it actually does not refer to people who shop at Walmart…it refers to non Walmart shoppers as well. The idea was that Walmart has driven down prices and everyone saves. There is a catch, however. The research refers to people who spend at least $83k a year on shopping. Further analysis of this research shows that a family who makes the median income in the US (~$51k) saves only $640. This is still a good thing at face value, but there was a very important factor that wasn’t part of the formula. Walmart’s wages have driven down wages at large retailers as well. If everyone is selling products for less, that means everyone is reducing overhead. My point is that Walmart does not necessarily save our economy anything. To be perfectly honest though…there really isn’t a whole lot of viable unbiased research on the matter, so anyone who argues for either side is grasping at straws. Saying that Walmart is satan isn’t any more speculatory as saying that anti-Walmart arguments are unfounded and promote dangerous thinking. What it really comes down to is personal opinion, and having your own opinion is good. Just be sure and do your research before settling on it…and by research I mean from credible sources, not random articles on the internet (or silly comments on random articles like this one).