A baby in a mother’s womb has it’s own fingerprints, gender, and DNA, is a body unto itself, and a human being worthy of respect and dignity. It can also survive outside the womb at a very young age in an incubator. It’s heart can be detected at 4 weeks. Aborting that baby is stopping that heart and ending it’s life. A woman has a choice to not partake in an act that will potentially result in new life. She is fully aware of this possibility and can choose to do what she wants with her body knowing in advance this risk she is taking. I am a woman with an intellect and I have seen the devistation that legalized abortion has had on this country since 1973. Morally we have been spiralling downward in a freefall. Millions of babies have suffered and died because of this infanticide we are choosing to keep legal. I am thankful for my life that my biological mother chose to give me in 1964. She accepted the consequences of her actions, left college and went to live with her doctors assistant when she was in her 6th month of pregnancy, and quietly gave me up for adoption to a loving couple, my mother and father. She made many people, especially me, very happy. We have an awesome relationship now. What a selfless, loving, and charitable person she was and is! Our society desperately needs more roll models like her.