It is the Christmas time of year, a festive time to display religious symbols of this long standing traditional holiday. Christmas trees, wreaths and nativities adorn our homes, streets and town centers across the nation. At this time and throughout the year, all faiths should have the right to display their religious symbols that represent the particular holiday they are celebrating. Religious symbols are a depiction of a belief in religion. Hanukkah and Kwanzaa candles also decorate homes and town centers. What exactly does an Atheist believe in…

and why at this particular time of year do they insist on displaying a sign that denounces religion? What twisted logic is there to rationalize this act of condemnation and how is the governor of Washington State falling for this?

Atheism exists on the fundamental disbelief in God and religion, so what religious symbol represents non-belief? That’s right, there is none because there is nothing that stands for nothing. Besides, do Atheists actually celebrate something at this particular time of year to justify putting their sign next to a Nativity and Hanukkah candles? No, they have nothing to celebrate because they have no beliefs. What they do have is an agenda to abolish religion. If they really wanted equal representation they would have insisted on putting their Atheist symbol in the building instead of a sign denouncing God and religion. What does the Atheist symbol represent anyway?

Christians don’t put up signs next to the Menorah condemning Judaism and Jews don’t erect signs denouncing Christianity next to the nativity. There should be no discussion here; this is not about free speech. If we follow this mode of thinking to its logical conclusion, we should be able to use public funds to erect signs next to any statue or structure denouncing its existence. This sign is proof of the Atheist agenda and clearly states their intention to erode and eliminate America’s faith in God. They want to seize the opportunity to weaken the faith of our children and our citizens – a weak and ridiculous effort on their part that should never have been acknowledged. The governor of Washington is an immoral coward.