This article is going to be more on a personal level than usual.

I realize that I am truly blessed with the gifts God has provided me. But I also choose to appreciate those gifts and try to be content with what I am provided.

I just returned from the eye doctor for my annual exam. I was waiting to see the doctor while my eyes were dilating (don’t you love the cool sunglasses they give afterwards?). A young lady was choosing frames. She was about 20 years old and had a small baby with her in a stroller. She was also studying out of college level book which is a plus, she is trying to better herself.

She searched through the frames in several boxes. She then askedtwo questions, “Do I get any allowance if I don’t choose frames from these boxes? Can I pay extra on my own?”

The optician who was working with her replied yes, I believe it is $35. The optician then put the cover back on which was labelled UHC/Medicaid Frames.

AAAARRRRGH!!! This young lady did not like the frames that we the taxpayers provide for free, so she was going to pay money out of her pocket for a frame she liked better – but still use the Medicaid money.

Now the frames that aren’t in the boxes she originally looked at range from $97 – $157. So she is going to pay a minimum of $62 out of her own pocket for frames. It gets better though. As she was looking at the expensive frames a cell phone rang. It was her’s. Not just a freebie from signing a contract or an old one but one of those ones you have to pay for in addition to signing a contract.

So let me get this straight – She has a cell phone which I’m sure has a contract that has to be paid, a new cell phone, and she is willing to spend a minimum of $62 out of her own pocket because she didn’t like the frames that my hard earned money that is confiscated by the government provides for free?

As I said above, I know I am truly blessed with what my family and I have. I purchased 2 pair of frames and two sets of lenses, one set of which is covered by insurance. But this is money I have worked hard for and my insurance is paid by me. When I was younger, I didn’t have a lot of things because I couldn’t afford them. Now that I am older, I try to be prudent with my money so I have the things I want and need.

It used to be you worked for what you needed and wanted. It used to be you accepted help only when you were down and out and you did what ever you could to get back on your own. It used to be you were grateful for what was given to you at the expense of others.

As we near January 20th, 2009 and the coronation of Emperor Obama the Annointed One and his mission of change, is this reallythe type of changeAmerica wants? Is this the America our parents and grandparents and even great-grandparents envisioned? Is this the America so many brave men and women have given the ultimate sacrifice to protect and defend? Most important, is this really what America is about? Mull it over.