In the last “Piper” article, readers were left with the thought of “Where did all those ‘small’ contributions come from”. Are there really people in America named Jgtj Jfggjjfgj who donated to the Obama campaign? Since the Obama campaign is not required to list the name of “donors” who donated less than $200, are we to believe that literally millions of people donated small amounts when “the Bush doctrine”, as Obama and the MSM calls it, created so many poor people in this country over the past eight years?

     This time we’re going to look at some of the people who attracted, by asking friends or relatives, at least $50,000 to the Obama campaign. Those names are required to be reported, so the Obama camp couldn’t…

…file them with his college records.

    First on the list is Hollywood agent Ari Emanuel. You might know of Ari, especially if you are a fan of the HBO series “Entourage”. The character Ari Gold on that show is modelled on Ari Emanuel. The real Ari is also the brother of newly appointed Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. Surprised?

     Second, lets take a look at Kenneth Griffin. Kenneth Griffin is the head of Chicago based hedge fund Citadel Investment Group LLC. The amount of money Mr. Griffin raised is unclear, but as of July 2007 – yes 2007 – Citadel employees had donated $169,000 to Obama. The total amount listed at shows $194,318, the overwhelming majority of which came in during May 2007. Can we get a payroll audit here please?

    But why would Mr. Griffin want to see Mr. Obama elected? Remember how much Obama criticized the outrageous salaries that Wall Street executives were making? That was right before he voted to spend $700,000,000 of your money to bail out Wall Street. (To be fair, McCain voted for it also which is one reason I had a long debate with myself about voting for him.) One must wonder if Obama was talking about Mr. Griffin since Griffin was paid $1.6 BILLION in 2006 and $1.7 BILLION in 2007. Was Mr. Griffin hedging his bets (pun intended) as one of the highest paid hedge fund managers in the world?

     Third on the list would have to be James Crown, director of General Dynamics. General Dynamics is a major military contractor. Crown gave Obama’s 2004 senate campaign more than $128,000. After the election, which Obama won, General Dynamics was awarded $1.3 billion for a high explosives technology program. Who requested the money? Sen Barack Obama. Checking shows thousands of dollars donated by Henry Crown & Company, the company James Crown’s grandfather started in 1919 and is believed to own General Dynamics.

In July, Obama talked about a National Security force (think SS) which is not mentioned anywhere in the Constitution. A private Obama military? General Dynamics being a large contributor to Obama’s campaign? HMMMMM.

     Finally, lets talk about the un-itemized contributions that the Obama campaign registered with the Federal Elections Commission. In the month of September alone, Obama raised $150 million. By Obama’s own admission, more than half of his contributions have come from small donors giving $200 or less. That would work out to $75 million in September alone. The final tally of contributions is $640 million. That would mean $320 million donated by small donors of less than $200 each. Come on now. Working with a US population of about 300,000,000, that means just over $1 from EVERY man woman and child in America! Or, just under $5 from EVERY person who voted for him.

     No, these donations didn’t come in like that. If they did Mr. Obama, go find the lists of donors (may I suggest looking amongst your college transcripts or wherever your real birth certificate is located) and make them public.

     These are multiple donations from people who will be looking for favors. Unfortunately for America, the President-Elect sold his soul to reach his goal and now the American people will have to pay the price. Mull it over.

God Bless America