Ignorance is bliss and blissfulness is contagious. We have officially become a minority in this country. “We” not being Republican or Democrat, but “we” being those who are grounded in principles and morals, and “we” being those who question and consider information we acquire from viable sources then take that information, ponder it, and become concerned over its significance. It is not that we are the minority in color of our skin; rather it is that we now have become the weaker voice. We are outnumbered by those who don’t think for themselves. As Election Day came to an end and the office of the U.S. Presidency was announced, I felt sad and dismayed for my children. When I watched Senator Obama deliver his acceptance speech I wanted so much to believe in him. But all those unanswered questions kept gnawing at me; all those conflicting bits of information still remain unsolved. We were done a disservice by our own people…

…who have a responsibility to inform us. Why were all those matters ignored? I hope and I pray that somehow they have no relevance to the man who is now our President.  

            Recently a survey was conducted in New York where the interviewee asked those they interviewed who they planned to vote for. When the person answered, “Obama” the interviewer challenged their response by asking about their feelings on the issues such as the war in Iraq, stem cell research, and abortion. However, they swapped the candidates views- even their Vice Presidential running mates. Do you know they still stood by their man, Obama, even when asked if Sarah Palin was the right choice for his running mate? Who should be accused of racism here?

            This is very concerning because not only is our government controlling our pocketbooks, they are also controlling our minds. That survey provided us with proof that we live in a country where our fellow countrymen don’t think for themselves. With all due respect to our new president, there were serious unanswered questions that were swept under the rug and remain under the rug. How has this become acceptable in this country?

            We need to join together and keep our voices heard but the focus should be on the issues that are at stake, not our political parties. We need to speak out against socialism and all that we believe in and all that we hold dear. We need to take an honest moral inventory and seriously consider the direction we want this country to go in. We must tell our children that the tides are turning and they must be strong. Even if every person in the room has an opposing view, they must stand their ground. They need to know what they believe in and we must teach them – that is the only way they will be able to think for themselves and that is the virtuous way to live.