Election day. A long day for most, sitting on the edge of their seats, wondering if his or her candidate will claim victory. Stressful for some, indifferent to others, important to many. Impacting the world

Every year, and more especially every four, it brings on the question, just how accurate or fair is the voting system? Every city in every state…

…has a different “system” for voting. Some use “electronic” voting booths, while others use paper punch cards, and still others use write-ins or check boxes. Recalling the ever so controversial “hanging chad”, one has to wonder why our voting system hasn’t been unified. In this day and age, the “information age”, it seems ludicrous that there is not a uniform method of voting throughout the country.

Which leads us to the matter of voter registration. We have instilled a new process to acquire drivers’ licenses in this country, requiring proof of identity, verification of birth and residency. Why don’t we instill the same scrutiny on voter{loadmodule easy_adsense::Advertisement Button} registration? Why isn’t poof of citizenship a strict requirement for a voter registration card? It seems that if we can enforce a tighter reign on drivers licenses, we should put at least as much importance into the great privilege of voting. We can track passports. We can track drivers licenses. Surely, if we don’t pay our taxes, we will quickly find out that the IRS can track that. Why can’t we handle voter registration? The right to vote is not as important as these? Why are organizations like ACORN allowed to run as they do? Do we not care as a nation about our ever so precious voting process? Do we really want people who are not citizens of our country, or worse yet, who are in our country illegally, to choose the future of our country? People who may not have America’s best interest at heart?