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Have something to say on a regular basis? Want to contribute articles to our posts? Want to write articles for your state? Please contact us for more...

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Who We Are

The Venting Post is a brand new site created by people who have something to say about our world, country, state, and lives. Many people may not agree with what we have to say, but our goal is a world where people with a difference of opinion may happily coexist, despite differences in opinion. Our content is written straight from the heart with integrity and a commitment to what we are writing about.  We welcome your comments, praise, and criticism. If you would like to submit posts to this site, please register with us and submit your articles for review We provide newsfeeds with the latest headlines, and a local “Venting Post” for state issues. Please contact us if you are interested in managing the posts for your state....

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Obama’s Definition of Wealthy

               What exactly is Obama’s definition of the “wealthy who will be taxed”? Well, in the beginning of the election season, it was people earning $250,000 or more per year. Next, along comes Joe Biden, proclaiming the wealthy are those who earn $150,000 or more per year…oh, and that those people are not patriotic unless they pay more than their fair share. The people who don’t work or earn less than that, they are not required to be “patriotic”? Finally, Obama spends a fortune on an infomericial, in which he declares the wealthy includes those earning $200,000 or more per year. Which is it?                The truth is, everyone will be taxed. Obama voted 100% of the time to raise taxes. 100%. 97 times he voted on tax issues, and 97 times he voted to raise taxes.                The cost of Obama’s “economic plan” will inevitbly raise the taxes on ayone earning more than $42,000 per year. That makes...

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