Don’t you love how the big eared one is willing to spend other people’s money so freely?

This is a great article on education spending. Note the stats were all taken from National Center for Education Statistics, a government agency.

Look at the charts. Chart 1 shows that since 1970, the number of education employees has risen ~100% (that’s double for those of you living in the White House) while the student population has risen only ~10%. Wow! Really? That is either an incredible waste of money or…. Well it’s just an incredible waste of money.

Chart 2 shows the adjusted cost of educating a child K-12 in the public school system (1970 Р2009) vs. the change in test scores  for those corresponding years. (Total cost, running 13 yr total per pupil.) So let me get this straight, we are spending approximately $70000 MORE per student but test scores are the same or lower? Imagine if private business worked like that, almost tripling the cost but providing no increase in product quality or features.

This isn’t some mean conservative think tank, this is the government’s own agency who produced these facts. That same government wants to spend more money (your money) on a failing education system that does not have competition so therefore does not see a need to improve. I think the one with the big ears needs to read his own administration’s reports.