Jay Leno “won’t” retire. This is such a huge dilemma in this country that he has to defend his position on the Oprah Winfrey show? That other talk show hosts (Kimmel, for example) need to bash him on his own show?

Jay Leno has done nothing wrong. He is taking his job back, the same way anyone might who had “lost” a job they loved. Why shouldn’t he be honored to have been invited back to the Tonight Show? Who of us turns down a job because someone else wants it?

Conan is a great guy who gave a great farewell. It spoke volumes to whom he is. Hopefully, he will go on to bigger and better things and continue to entertain those of us who love him.

Face the facts: Jay’s 10pm show stinks and the ratings were low; the ratings are way down on the Tonight Show with Conan as host. Why is Jay wrong to accept NBC’s offer?