For those readers who are not history scholars, the Soviet Union commanded their economy mostly through a series of five year economic plans commissioned by the State Planning Committee or the “Gosplan”. Their five year economic plans focused on various areas of economic development which focused on a different area each cycle. It obviously didn’t work and by 1991 it was made apparent that no benevolent group of government officials could effectively control and reshape an economy. The Soviet Union collapsed but that type of economic planning and dangerous socialist thinking did not.

Barack Obama was elected to fix the country. Our system is broken and there are many problems with it. One of Barack Obama’s main proposals is to use government “wealth” to create jobs and to stimulate the economy through a stimulus package. If Barack Obama was intelligent, he’d realize

the government doesn’t have wealth to spend. The government takes wealth away from other people through force called taxation. I know a lot of liberals don’t see taxation as force but guess what, try not paying your taxes and see what happens. The budget deficit and the hundreds of billions if not trillions of dollars in proposed spending only aims at redistributing America’s wealth as our newly elected leaders see fit and it sickens me. John Stossel said it best in one of his recent articles. Massive government spending will not pull us out of the recession, it will only lengthen it. It will leave investors and producers watching and waiting for often unpredictable government action which will dictate their next moves within a free-market which is becoming more and more like Lenin’s proposed socialist utopia. Obama’s tax plans will shift wealth and resources from free-market innovators who could have used that wealth and those resources to invent new and useful things which could enrich and improve our lives. Think about everything that has improved and enriched your life recently. Does the iPhone have a US Government sticker on it? This laptop I am using to write out my article wasn’t made by the department of technology; it was created by engineers working for Dell or Intel seeking profit. What about drugs which save lives like chemo-therapy or insulin for diabetics? It was all created by people, free-market interaction which will be stifled and hindered by Barack Obama’s control and strangle hold over us. The taxes and the evil T.A.R.P money which will and is currently nationalizing our banking industry is a recipe for disaster.

We need less government not more. People won’t face this reality until it is too late because it is unfortunately human nature. You don’t believe your mother when she says “the stove is hot” until you touch it and find out for yourself. All we can do is wait for the people of this country to discover their blind faith in Obama’s proposals has cost them their freedom and even then they will never admit they were ever wrong.