Why, as a society, do we expect perfection from people when not one of us is perfect? Sarah Palin is doing the best she can and, like John McCain, it is a lot more than most in the political world. Try to think of saraanother woman in politics that is doing a better job. The personal attacks from the media that Sarah Palin has had to endure have become difficult to bear, for her as well as for those who respect her. They have now stooped to a level below where they were during the campaign. Do they really believe that a woman of her caliber does not know that Africa is a continent? Or could they possibly be spinning her words again?


For a woman that has gone so far in her career, was that the best Katie Couric could do with a Vice Presidential candidate interview? Sarah Palin, a woman one step away from the White House, was successfully …

…manipulated by her own kind. Women were about to make their mark in history, something that Couric has strived to do herself. Instead of focusing on the many extraordinary accomplishments in Palin’s life, she backed her into a corner by demanding another example, besides 2 years ago, of how John McCain pushed for regulation of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. When Palin noted that what he did was “a heck of a lot more than what other senators and representatives did for us,” that wasn’t enough for Couric. She should be ashamed of herself. Then came the attacks on her wardrobe. Do they really think Palin was in her trailer pulling off price tags and adding them up with her pocket calculator? This is a woman who has spent her life campaigning in parkas and snow boots. She apologized for the mistake and donated the clothing, but that still wasn’t enough.

What Sarah Palin has, aside from experience, are qualities such as compassion, patience, devotion, integrity and humility, to name a few, and they fall under the realm of good character. The measure of good character can be determined by how a person makes their mark in life, regardless of the size of their town or the seclusion of their state. Age has no significance here; it is the manner in which she has conducted her own life that has real significance. Sarah Palin’s service to the state of Alaska along with the devotion she has for her own family is remarkable in itself. She welcomed a fifth child into her family regardless of his differences or imperfections. That is a true expression of love. Unless you are a mother that has a child with special needs, the average person is not able to understand the amount of patience that woman has to put into practice on a daily basis. Sarah Palin lives an exemplary life that we should probably all strive to model.

I hope that Sarah Palin can remain the strong and valiant woman she is and we will be seeing her again on the campaign trail. God knows the media will try their best to dishearten her and to portray her as less than the remarkable woman she is. Don’t buy it people; go with what you feel in your gut. We need a woman like her because she is a gutsy one with morals!