Do you find yourself wondering why many people are “burying their heads in the sand” with regard to all the recent information that has come out about Barack Obama? Does it seem as if they don’t want to know about it and that they and the press are protecting him? What it all boils down to is

that they feel they have an allegiance to their party. Most lifelong registered democrats are having a big problem with this and what they need to ask themselves is: Who is their allegiance to, their country or their party?

We are at a crucial time in which we need to set aside our blind devotion to our parties and look at the man we are potentially electing to the U.S. Presidency. If Obama was running as an independent would he even be considered a worthy candidate at this juncture? Unfortunately he is representing the democratic ticket. This is their man – they have no other. Asking them to look at their candidate’s corrupt background is like asking them to turn against what they perceive to be their belief structure. This is precisely why our bipartisan form of government may need re-evaluating.

At this present time we are divided when we should be unified. There is a lot of information coming out about this candidate that needs serious consideration. We need honest answers and we need them now. It is unpatriotic to withhold information from your own people! Again, who is their allegiance to – a man they hardly know or their fellow Americans?