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Obama’s Gosplan...

For those readers who are not history scholars, the Soviet Union commanded their economy mostly through a series of five year economic plans commissioned by the State Planning Committee or the “Gosplan”. Their five year economic plans focused on various areas of economic development which focused on a different area each cycle. It obviously didn’t work and by 1991 it was made apparent that no benevolent group of government officials could effectively control and reshape an economy. The Soviet Union collapsed but that type of economic planning and dangerous socialist thinking did not.

Barack Obama was elected to fix the country. Our system is broken and there are many problems with it. One of Barack Obama’s main proposals is to use government “wealth” to create jobs and to stimulate the economy through a stimulus package. If Barack Obama was intelligent, he’d realize


Wal-Mart is Not An Evil Capitalist Empire

I had the unfortunate pleasure of being alone in a room with a good friend when a Barack Obama commemorative coin commercial came on. First let me say that his parents and he are pro-union, hard working Irish-Catholics from New York. They’re good people. It’s no wonder he and I disagreed so virulently in the ensuing argument sparked by the coin commercial.

Our discussion of “who did you vote for?” led eventually to Wal-Mart (don’t ask me how). My friend didn’t support Wal-Mart’s supposedly unethical business practices of unfair treatment and payment of its employees and their cut throat style of business in which they callously outsell “mom and pop” stores in their local areas causing them to go out of business. My response, I believe, was an intelligent argument backed up by facts and reason. It was met with scorn, screaming, anger, yelling and even half-backed conspiracy theories.

The first allegation against Wal-Mart is they do not pay their employees a living wage, or a decent wage in which they are able to afford to live their lives. According to the United Food and Commercial Workers


Don’t Touch That Adult Drink…It's Far Too Much Fun For You

For those unaware of the law, the legal drinking age in all fifty states and Washington D.C is universally twenty-one. Those under the age of twenty-one are unable to legally purchase posses or consume liquor under virtually all circumstances, save for a few exceptions (some states provide parents the right to serve alcohol to children in their homes, etc).

The law responsible for the universal drinking age was passed in 1984 as the National Minimum Drinking Age Act. The backing for the law came from politicians and the political action committee of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (M.A.D.D). Statistics secured by MADD and others in favor of raising the drinking age portrayed a disproportionat...


The Word You Were Searching For Was “Nationalize”

If I could pick one member of congress who personified the ignorance on Capitol Hill, I’d have a very difficult time because there are simply so many names. I might just be able to throw all 534 names in a hat (Ron Paul is not included, at least by me) and pull one out at random. If I absolutely had to choose, Maxine Waters (D-CA) would be in the top five.

The economic and political ineptitude of this woman is mind blowing; she may even exceed Barack Obama’s economic ignorance. I’m sure we all remember the eye gouging gas prices during the summer, when a gallon of gasoline was around $4.00. During this time, our democratic congress members called for windfall profit taxes (Barack Obama).  Maxine Waters even wanted to nationalize the oil companies (only she couldn’t remember the word “nationalize”). The economic realities often escape...


The Lonely Life of a Libertarian in College

The political environment of higher education has always had a distinct liberal favor (with a nutty aftertaste). As a staunch libertarian in college, I have found myself politically alienated from even my closest friends. I’m in no way against people having different beliefs than myself; it’s what makes democracy great. No, what I am against is political ignorance and how it has spread through my generation and our universities.

Anytime I attempt to discuss politics with classmates I find while I argue facts, they tend to argue emotion. When I overhear my fellow students exclusively blaming Wall Street greed for the credit crises I naturally attempt to correct them. Most people are ignorant of the economic manipulation undertaken by our politicians through government sponsored enterprises like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to promote its housing agenda. Fannie and Freddie, combined with the government mandates imposed



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