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Speaking Out for a Better America!

The Word You Were Searching For Was “Nationalize”

If I could pick one member of congress who personified the ignorance on Capitol Hill, I’d have a very difficult time because there are simply so many names. I might just be able to throw all 534 names in a hat (Ron Paul is not included, at least by me) and pull one out at random. If I absolutely had to choose, Maxine Waters (D-CA) would be in the top five.

The economic and political ineptitude of this woman is mind blowing; she may even exceed Barack Obama’s economic ignorance. I’m sure we all remember the eye gouging gas prices during the summer, when a gallon of gasoline was around $4.00. During this time, our democratic congress members called for windfall profit taxes (Barack Obama).  Maxine Waters even wanted to nationalize the oil companies (only she couldn’t remember the word “nationalize”). The economic realities often escape...


The Day America Died?

The following is by Mike Palese. He is a Paramedic in Virginia Beach, VA. USA_Tombstone

Well, the election is over, and the American public has spoken. Barrack Obama has been elected the 44th president of the United States of America. People wanted change, but do they really know what they are getting? Do we really know anything about Barrack Obama? Do Americans care anything about his past? We need change, but can Barrack change?

I have always said it would be travesty if people didn't vote for Barrack Obama based on his skin color, and even the NAACP and every other equal rights organization out there would agree. So how is it possible


A Time For Change? OH, I Get It, A Time For a Change BACK

When tuning into the late night news the other night, there on my screen appeared Madeline Albright. Madeline Albright???? Oh no, I thought, Obama’s not bringing Madeline Albright back for another four years. Little did I know it was even worse. I thought that was bad enough…and then they announced the possibility of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. “A time for change” ? What change? A change back to the Clinton administration, only WORSE?

According to the US Department of State website, the Secretary of State “is the President’s chief foreign affairs adviser.” Just exactly what “foreign policy” qualifications...


Is This Really What America Is About?

This article is going to be more on a personal level than usual.

I realize that I am truly blessed with the gifts God has provided me. But I also choose to appreciate those gifts and try to be content with what I am provided.

I just returned from the eye doctor for my annual exam. I was waiting to see the doctor while my eyes were dilating (don't you love the cool sunglasses they give afterwards?). A young lady was choosing frames. She was about 20 years old and had a small baby with her in a stroller. She was also studying out of college level book which is a plus, she is trying to better herself.

She searched through the frames in several boxes. She then askedtwo questions, "Do I get any allowance if I don't choose frames from these boxes? Can I pay extra on my own?"

The optician who was working with her replied yes, I believe it is $35. The optician then put the cover back on which was labelled UHC/Medicaid Frames.

AAAARRRRGH!!! This young lady did not like the frames that we the taxpayers provide for free, so she was going to pay money out of her pocket for a frame she liked better - but still use the Medicaid money.


Made in Amerika - Volkswagen (the peoples car)


According to sources, Democrat leadership in the House is drafting legislation to provide $25 billion in emergency loans to the Big 3 car companies - in exchange for a government ownership stake.

House Speaker Nanci Pelosi (Socialist-Calif) and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (Socialist-Nev) hope for quick passage during a special session that begins Monday.

According to a senior House Democratic aide, the new bill will include a provision that would give taxpayers an investment stake.

"We will have equity in the auto companies," the aide said.

Wait a minute. What if taxpayers don't WANT a stake in the Big 3? If they do want one...


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