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Speaking Out for a Better America!

Hypocrisy at Its Finest...

This video says it all. It is libtardas spewing lies and hate both about conservatives and Gov. Scott Walker’s (R) budget cutting plans in Washington.

First, isn’t it great the way liberals can call conservatives anything they want but let conservatives call the One With Big Ears a socialist and we’re being racist?

Don’t laugh too hard when FORMER Speaker (I love how that phrase rolls off the tongue) Nancy Pelosi (WITCH – CA) spews about how she is concerned about “some of the language that is being used.” She’s not talking about the language the left is using, she is talking about the right. But look at the protester’s (liberal left wingers, by the way) signs and see what kind of language is being used. Outrage from the media on any of this?


Don’t miss Eugene Robinson, that liberal idiot from the Washington Post saying, “Violent political rhetoric and the threat of political violence in this country comes almost exclusively from the right.”

And then seeing the sign of Gov. Walker with a crosshairs over him.

WAIT A MINUTE! Sarah Palin was nearly arrested because of what happened in Tucson when that (left wing loon, by the way) guy tried to take out Rep Giffords (D-AZ), all because she put a crosshairs over A MAP (see ad here: ). These people put the crosshairs over a picture of Walker (see at 0:46 in to the clip). But where is the outrage?!?!? As usual there is none because liberal pukes are only outraged when something doesn’t go their way. Only they get to employ a double standard.

Bill Maher. Enough said. Can this moron go away please? Who’s fifteen minutes of fame is he stealing, because he has already used up all of his.

And finally, at 1:13, Democratic State Senator Lena Taylor, spewing about Hitler. PUHLEEEZE – like she was ever educated enough to know anything about how Hitler came to power other than what the unions have spoon fed her. Notice the sign @ 0:19. At the very bottom is the exact same thing that Taylor says. What Taylor and apparently the other ignorant liberals don’t know (or care about) is that while yes, Hitler did abolish the Weimar Republic trade unions in May of 1933, he replaced it with the German Labour Front or Deutsche Arbeitsfront – A UNION! Hitler wasn’t opposed to unions, he was a socialist. He got rid of the Weimar Republic unions because of corruption that he could not control. He put in his own union that he could control. If Senator Taylor would use her brain and think for herself, she could learn all of this. Oh, wait she’s a libtard, won’t ever happen.

Go easy on your libtard friends when they foam at the mouth if you share this with them. It’s not their fault they are uninformed like they are. Remember, a libtard is NEVER responsible for anything, it is all George Bush’s fault.



Let Me Get This Straight...


Republicans were swept back into power in the House (where all spending is SUPPOSED to be initiated, btw) mainly on the idea to stop the madness of a heretofore unmatched spending spree by those crazy liberals. So they come up with a plan to NOT increase the debt ceiling.

A sensible thing to do. We have to stop the madness. I personally wish they would have been more fiscally responsible the last time they were in control. But at least they heard the voice of a sane American public this last election cycle.

Now Reid (Socialist-NV) and Big Ears (the Socialist who resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave) start attacking the Republicans  because it is “irresponsible”.

Wait, let me get the quote right:

“Failure to increase the limit would be deeply irresponsible,” said Sen. Harry Reid and, on behalf of the Obama administration, Timothy Geithner (you know, the guy who was put in charge of THE TREASURY even though he never could figure out how to pay his taxes).

Oh, how short libtard memories are. It was just 5 short years ago that the tables were reversed. Check out numbers 36 and 39 on the list below. What is this list? This is the list of Senators voting AGAINST raising the debt ceiling when the Republicans needed to do it to keep the government running. Now I wish they hadn’t done it back then either, but let’s look at the hypocrisy.

At the time Reid said this, “They should explain this. Maybe they can convince the public they’re right. I doubt it. Because most Americans know that increasing debt is the last thing we should be doing.”

And BO (doesn’t that stand for body odor? I thought something smelled the last time I flew up to DC) said this, “The fact that we are here today...


Obamacare Bill

Remember when...the Witch of the House Pelosi said "But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy."?

You may have already heard about this but I thought I would run it out there again. Buried in the massive bill that the Socialists wanted no one to read comes the fact that the bill contained a new law that requires all gold purchases to be reported to the government. Hmmmmmm. Wonder why.

So the question to ask any liberal is “What on earth does buying gold have to do with healthcare?” And when they answer “Nothing”, then ask them why Bozo the big eared president and his band of merry socialists put that piece of garbage into the “Healthcare” bill. Watch ‘em sputter…… it’s fun.

Nov 2nd, 2010 – The day Americans take back our country and we become a capitalist society again.

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. It is it's natural manure.” Thomas Jefferson, 1787



Government: Our Higher Power?

The reason why many people on the left think they need government to control the economy and spending is simply because they don’t have faith in their fellow mankind. Why is this? Part of the reason is they think most of us are incapable, full blown idiots who don’t have the capacity to earn our own money and, those who do, lack the authenticity to aptly spend it. However, the main reason is because most people lack faith, period. They lack faith in others, but what they don’t realize is that they also lack faith in themselves. What we portray onto others is a reflection of what we see, or what we don’t see, in ourselves. And they lack faith in themselves because they don’t believe we were all created in the image and likeness of God.

There is a correlation between those who are unfaithful and those who believe that people need to be “controlled” by people, or by higher authoritative power – complete government control. They don’t believe in a higher power so they believe that matters must be taken into their own hands and those who “know better” have to establish order and delegate spending. As we have recently seen, a disguised form of socialism has already been established in our country. Ultimately, a Totalitarian system that is created by the people results in greater oppression of the people it was designed to “serve.” Government control of the people, when taken to an extreme, further demands the abolition of both


Obama’s Gosplan...

For those readers who are not history scholars, the Soviet Union commanded their economy mostly through a series of five year economic plans commissioned by the State Planning Committee or the “Gosplan”. Their five year economic plans focused on various areas of economic development which focused on a different area each cycle. It obviously didn’t work and by 1991 it was made apparent that no benevolent group of government officials could effectively control and reshape an economy. The Soviet Union collapsed but that type of economic planning and dangerous socialist thinking did not.

Barack Obama was elected to fix the country. Our system is broken and there are many problems with it. One of Barack Obama’s main proposals is to use government “wealth” to create jobs and to stimulate the economy through a stimulus package. If Barack Obama was intelligent, he’d realize


Wal-Mart is Not An Evil Capitalist Empire

I had the unfortunate pleasure of being alone in a room with a good friend when a Barack Obama commemorative coin commercial came on. First let me say that his parents and he are pro-union, hard working Irish-Catholics from New York. They’re good people. It’s no wonder he and I disagreed so virulently in the ensuing argument sparked by the coin commercial.

Our discussion of “who did you vote for?” led eventually to Wal-Mart (don’t ask me how). My friend didn’t support Wal-Mart’s supposedly unethical business practices of unfair treatment and payment of its employees and their cut throat style of business in which they callously outsell “mom and pop” stores in their local areas causing them to go out of business. My response, I believe, was an intelligent argument backed up by facts and reason. It was met with scorn, screaming, anger, yelling and even half-backed conspiracy theories.

The first allegation against Wal-Mart is they do not pay their employees a living wage, or a decent wage in which they are able to afford to live their lives. According to the United Food and Commercial Workers


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