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The Day America Died?

The following is by Mike Palese. He is a Paramedic in Virginia Beach, VA. USA_Tombstone

Well, the election is over, and the American public has spoken. Barrack Obama has been elected the 44th president of the United States of America. People wanted change, but do they really know what they are getting? Do we really know anything about Barrack Obama? Do Americans care anything about his past? We need change, but can Barrack change?

I have always said it would be travesty if people didn't vote for Barrack Obama based on his skin color, and even the NAACP and every other equal rights organization out there would agree. So how is it possible


A Note From a Concerned Reader

Hi, I am just a senior citizen and a granny and I am not a writer. I want you to know how much I appreciate this website, as I am very frightened since Obama was elected president, and I find sanity when I read the articles you all write. Tonight I heard very disturbing things about Obama's chosen Chief of staff & how he supports having people from 18-25 yrs old be trained to serve in the civilian militia comprable to the military. This is what Obama has been saying!!! I'm scared! i came home tonite after hearing this on the radio, expecting to read everyone's thoughts on this, and I didn't find anything. I need all of you to put into words what I am am unable to express, please. This website is my sanity. Please keep up the writing. Thank you.


A Reader's Thoughts On Oprah

          I have been a loyal viewer for 12 years. Ever since my twin girls were born, I have been a stay-at-home-mom and a part-time Restaurant Manager. I remember around 12-18 months ago an episode called "Oprah and Gayle's Cross Country Trip" which was amusing as well as enlightening. Oprah, Gayle and the crew were out west somewhere and Oprah proclaimed, “I am actually scared for our lives. I don't think they have seen so many black people in one place at one time."  I remember thinking, "Oh right, Oprah and Gayle are African American." I never even thought of Oprah or Gayle as African American, I thought of them as just people; something I teach my children everyday, judge the inside, not the outside.  All is well with peace and harmony in the world. Then came the rally...



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