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1. The Complicated Convenience of Contraception
(Spiritual Concepts/Spiritual Concepts)
OK let’s be honest. A life without contraceptives would be a difficult life for many of us to live. Seriously, why does the church insist on tormenting all of humanity with such ancient rules and constraints? ...
2. Time to outlaw guns...
(Conservative Rick/Conservative Rick)
  Well, it is finally time to outlaw guns. Surely if we outlaw guns, things like this will never happen again. I mean after all, if law abiding citizens can’t get guns then we won’t have any more ...
... if it hasn’t already. These books are replacing what could have been other great literary works of higher educational merit. Moreover, requiring children to read this style of writing within the walls ...
4. Playing both sides - at least one of them for fools
(Conservative Rick/Conservative Rick)
I am not sure who are the bigger fools, those occupying Wall St. or those that are going to sit on the sidelines this coming election and let these people get another four years in control of the federal ...
5. A Couple of Real Life Crony Capitalists
(Candid Concepts/Candid Concepts)
... Corzine. This is a man whose history is all about banking and finance, but somehow when he became governor of New Jersey he mysteriously forgot his expertise and nearly bankrupted the state. This Wall ...
6. Government: Our Higher Power?
(Candid Concepts/Candid Concepts)
... motivation our people will have to hold themselves accountable or keep themselves in line. Our government is like a “big daddy” opening his wallet to bail out his children’s overspending and irresponsibility. ...
7. Is an Atheist Sign a Religious Symbol?
(Candid Concepts/Candid Concepts)
It is the Christmas time of year, a festive time to display religious symbols of this long standing traditional holiday. Christmas trees, wreaths and nativities adorn our homes, streets and town centers ...
8. The Word You Were Searching For Was “Nationalize”
(Libertarian Tom/Libertarian Tom)
... gasoline for $2.15. The November 12th, 2008 Wall Street Journal has the price of a barrel of crude at $59.33 (the first dip below $60.00 since March 2007) and speculators are forecasting even further ...
9. The Day America Died?
(Contributed Posts/Contributed Posts)
... screwed up for the past eight years?" The replies, "the war in Iraq, "the economy", and the latest (I had to Laugh) "the 700 billion dollar Wall Street bail out". What it boils down to is the American ...
10. Why the Hollywood Left Doesn't Get It
(Candid Concepts/Candid Concepts)
... Big businesses shouldn’t pay, small businesses shouldn’t pay, the wealthy shouldn’t pay, the middle class shouldn’t pay, nor should Wall Street pay – those who did us wrong should pay; and we as responsible ...
11. The Lonely Life of a Libertarian in College
(Libertarian Tom/Libertarian Tom)
... and our universities. Anytime I attempt to discuss politics with classmates I find while I argue facts, they tend to argue emotion. When I overhear my fellow students exclusively blaming Wall Street ...
12. Time to Pay the Piper - Part 2
(Conservative Rick/Conservative Rick)
... of which came in during May 2007. Can we get a payroll audit here please?     But why would Mr. Griffin want to see Mr. Obama elected? Remember how much Obama criticized the outrageous salaries that Wall ...

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