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1. "I Will Not Raise Taxes on the Middle Class"
(Conservative Rick/Conservative Rick)
... ObamaCare Medical Device Manufacturing Tax This 2.3 percent tax on medical device makers will raise the price of (for example) every pacemaker, prosthetic limb, stent, and operating table. Can you remind ...
2. One down, nine to go
(Conservative Rick/Conservative Rick)
The Obama administration had its usual Friday "Oh, that's not really bad news" press release yesterday (10/14/11). I understand how press releases work, I was responsible for them for a short period ...
3. Playing both sides - at least one of them for fools
(Conservative Rick/Conservative Rick)
... the liberals, especially Obama, are on their side and they don't care what happens to America. But, to paraphrase Rahm Emmanuel, this crisis is just too good to waste. What do you think? Leave me a comment ...
4. Does It Strike Anyone....
(Conservative Rick/Conservative Rick)
... bill coming out of Congress or the White house today takes 155 TYPEWRITTEN PAGES! Obama’s Jobs bill (which I downloaded and am reading) is 155 pages long.  It is almost impossible to comprehend ...
5. Happy 224th!
(Conservative Rick/Conservative Rick)
... in this country today. This country may be able to survive a Barack Obama but it cannot survive an ignorant citizenry that elects people like him. The Constitution of the United States is the supreme ...
6. A Couple of Real Life Crony Capitalists
(Candid Concepts/Candid Concepts)
... Even as Ferriero was being investigated by the grand jury, Corzine proudly supported his policies and endorsed him. Sound eerily familiar? It didn't come as a surprise when Obama campaigned for his crony ...
7. Let Me Get This Straight...
(Conservative Rick/Conservative Rick)
... on behalf of the Obama administration, Timothy Geithner (you know, the guy who was put in charge of THE TREASURY even though he never could figure out how to pay his taxes). Oh, how short libtard memories ...
8. Obama "We need to spend more on education!"
(Conservative Rick/Conservative Rick)
Don't you love how the big eared one is willing to spend other people's money so freely? This is a great article on education spending. Note the stats were all taken from National Center for Education ...
9. Obamacare Bill
(Conservative Rick/Conservative Rick)
... reported to the government. Hmmmmmm. Wonder why. ...
10. Obama’s Gosplan...
(Libertarian Tom/Libertarian Tom)
... group of government officials could effectively control and reshape an economy. The Soviet Union collapsed but that type of economic planning and dangerous socialist thinking did not. Barack Obama ...
11. Wal-Mart is Not An Evil Capitalist Empire
(Libertarian Tom/Libertarian Tom)
I had the unfortunate pleasure of being alone in a room with a good friend when a Barack Obama commemorative coin commercial came on. First let me say that his parents and he are pro-union, hard working ...
12. Agree
... area of Boston. He is very liberal, pro-obama and pro pretty much everything else I disagree with intellectually. We argue in class about everything. I haven't gotten anything below an A- in all the classes ...
13. It All Comes Down to Character...
(Candid Concepts/Candid Concepts)
... month in reference to Obama, “I know he’s talked to the governor and there are a whole range of names many of which have surfaced, and I think he has a fondness for a lot of them.” Axelrod recently  ...
14. Who Is Valerie Jarrett? Part II
(Candid Concepts/Candid Concepts)
...  Jarrett’s dedication to the Obama’s was described by the NY Times as a “fierce, almost familial loyalty.” In an interview with Vogue Michelle Obama said, “There’s a cadre of people like me who have worked ...
15. Interesting
Wow, very interesting article. I hadn't cosidered any of those connections/ties before, and it does make me wonder. Seems to add to the "conspiracy" theory of Obama being the "Manchurion Candidate". Scary. ...
16. Who Is Valerie Jarrett?
(Candid Concepts/Candid Concepts)
She’s been referred to as “Barack’s rock”, his “secret weapon” and “the other side of his brain.” She was Mr. Obama’s senior advisor during his campaign and is now White House Chief Senior Advisor and ...
17. Right on
I spoke w/a woman who was a GM employee for 30 yrs. She said, "Obama needs to bail them out then they'll be OK." I asked what she thought was the cause of their problems-she said that they used to use ...
18. Do They Care About America?
(Conservative Rick/Conservative Rick)
... stimulate the economy." Barack Obama, Emperor - elect Remember back in July when Michelle Obama, Empress - elect, said of the Bush stimulus package: “You’re getting $600. What can you do with that? ...
When tuning into the late night news the other night, there on my screen appeared Madeline Albright. Madeline Albright???? Oh no, I thought, Obama’s not bringing Madeline Albright back for another four ...
20. The Word You Were Searching For Was “Nationalize”
(Libertarian Tom/Libertarian Tom)
... this woman is mind blowing; she may even exceed Barack Obama’s economic ignorance. I’m sure we all remember the eye gouging gas prices during the summer, when a gallon of gasoline was around $4.00. ...
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