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1. Ethics
... driven down prices and everyone saves. There is a catch, however. The research refers to people who spend at least $83k a year on shopping. Further analysis of this research shows that a family who makes ...
2. One down, nine to go
(Conservative Rick/Conservative Rick)
... deficit for FY 2011. As noted in the story here at ABC (the All Barack Channel) the deficit is a Federal government deficit. But of course, a quick Google search of "Bush deficits" shows plenty of places ...
3. Playing both sides - at least one of them for fools
(Conservative Rick/Conservative Rick)
... government. Recently the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee jumped on the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) support bandwagon with a "petition" page where you can send a message to Speaker of the House ...
4. No, no, no, thats a DIFFERENT Pelosi......
(Conservative Rick/Conservative Rick)
... Group… STEP 3: The number two guy at Pacific Corporate Group is Ronald Pelosi. Coincidence??? ...
5. Obama "We need to spend more on education!"
(Conservative Rick/Conservative Rick)
... Statistics, a government agency. Look at the charts. Chart 1 shows that since 1970, the number ...
...  The real world experience of those people is combined with the learned knowledge so the driver knows what they are doing when they finally get behind the wheel. Giving wine to your children for dinner ...
7. Who Is Valerie Jarrett? Part II
(Candid Concepts/Candid Concepts)
... to the people outside the family? Or those who choose to leave the family?? According to the Washington Prowler, “She knows where all the bodies have been buried in the past 30 or so years in Chicago ...
8. Who Is Valerie Jarrett?
(Candid Concepts/Candid Concepts)
... assistant to the president for intergovernmental relations and public liaison. According to Obama’s media adviser Anita Dunn, “She knows everyone in Chicago,” or as Adrienne Pitts, a 40 year old Chicago ...
9. How low can we put the bar....
(Florida/Florida - RS)
... is some great thinking from a state that barely knows how to vote. Lets not have the childrens' feelings get hurt, wouldn't want them to feel "stupid" because they get a 0. Beth Thompson, the ...
10. Time to Pay the Piper - Part 2
(Conservative Rick/Conservative Rick)
... of money Mr. Griffin raised is unclear, but as of July 2007 – yes 2007 – Citadel employees had donated $169,000 to Obama. The total amount listed at shows $194,318, the overwhelming majority ...
11. Sarah Palin: A Woman of Character
(Candid Concepts/Candid Concepts)
... life that we should probably all strive to model. I hope that Sarah Palin can remain the strong and valiant woman she is and we will be seeing her again on the campaign trail. God knows the media will ...

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