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1. Two Kinds of Americans
(Candid Concepts/Candid Concepts)
...  While it is true that our current government has accentuated the lines of class warfare and amplified racial divide, an even more ubiquitous divide currently exists in this country. It exists not only ...
2. The Complicated Convenience of Contraception
(Spiritual Concepts/Spiritual Concepts)
... behind her loving reproof. I was sitting in a Moral Theology class one day and my professor ever so eloquently explained it this way: In marriage what the church desires for the husband and wife is ...
3. "I Will Not Raise Taxes on the Middle Class"
(Conservative Rick/Conservative Rick)
Remember when the Amateur in the White House spouted those words? The exact quote was, "If you are a family making less than $250,000, my plan will not raise your taxes. Period." So let's look: - The ...
4. One down, nine to go
(Conservative Rick/Conservative Rick)
... with locked arms around the campfire. On Friday came the news that the CLASS Act (the Community Living Assistance Services Act, apparently the smartest president EVER can't spell either) is being dumped. ...
5. Playing both sides - at least one of them for fools
(Conservative Rick/Conservative Rick)
... the Dems are engaging in class warfare. This is the Cloward-Piven Strategy coming to fruition. The OWS crowd has no clue what they are protesting for (other than the abolishment of the 1%ers), they think ...
6. A Couple of Real Life Crony Capitalists
(Candid Concepts/Candid Concepts)
... about crony capitalism, and what she calls the "permanent political class" on both sides of the party line. These are the wealthy, intellectual elitists of America who have made it so big that their egos ...
7. Agree
... area of Boston. He is very liberal, pro-obama and pro pretty much everything else I disagree with intellectually. We argue in class about everything. I haven't gotten anything below an A- in all the classes ...
8. Nurture or Tenure - The Value of a Teacher
(Candid Concepts/Candid Concepts)
... have strongly adhered to a 25:1 or less student-teacher ratio, we’ve implemented the “No Child Left Behind” policy. Many of our schools have teacher aids and advanced technology in the classroom. We are ...
... how to drink. Sure, we had education in health class about alcohol but even then, those are just percentages and video clips; there was no actual practice involved. It goes back to the driving example. ...
10. So Last Year You WASTED $15 Million
(Florida/Florida - RS)
... dog with fleas. Since high school classes don't end until 4:30, Edgewater High baseball games won't start until after dark and the field doesn;t have lights. Huh? Is the reason our kids are in school so ...
11. The Day America Died?
(Contributed Posts/Contributed Posts)
... wealth has been redistributed, they are now lower middle class. This is just one program. Imagine when the Democrats start adding all of their programs. Tax and spend, it is the Democratic way, it always ...
12. Why the Hollywood Left Doesn't Get It
(Candid Concepts/Candid Concepts)
... Big businesses shouldn’t pay, small businesses shouldn’t pay, the wealthy shouldn’t pay, the middle class shouldn’t pay, nor should Wall Street pay – those who did us wrong should pay; and we as responsible ...
13. The Lonely Life of a Libertarian in College
(Libertarian Tom/Libertarian Tom)
... and our universities. Anytime I attempt to discuss politics with classmates I find while I argue facts, they tend to argue emotion. When I overhear my fellow students exclusively blaming Wall Street ...

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