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Home Candid Concepts The Hypocrisy of Biden's "Morality" on the Abortion Issue

The Hypocrisy of Biden's "Morality" on the Abortion Issue

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While Paul Ryan did pretty well defending the point that abortion is principally and morally wrong during the debate last night, what he didn’t do was call Joe Biden out on his hypocrisy on the issue. Liberals hate it more than anything when you reveal their own double standard to them.

After hearing Joe Biden assert his personal beliefs against abortion, Ryan should have asked, “If in principle abortion is wrong and you would never imagine it for yourself or your family, than why is it just fine for someone else? Are there other principles in which you believe yet do not defend?”

Then he could have revealed the arrogance of Biden’s point of view by saying, “Do you hold yourself to a higher standard than other persons? Principles are principles and we impose them on society everyday. There are laws against murder, and abortion is murder. Law enforcement agents tell people what to do with their own bodies when we enforce seatbelt laws and laws against illegal drug use. We, as leaders of this fine country that was founded on principles that are true and good, should uphold those priniciples and should be concerned for the safety and well-being of its citizens.”

Planned Parenthood is one of the most unsafe and unsanitary facilities in our country. Women have suffered terrible consequences physically, psychologically, and emotionally, from having abortions. There are numerous charitable organizations in America, including Catholic Charities that would provide shelter, medical needs, and counseling to help a woman during and after pregnancy. There are countless couples seeking to adopt children and provide for them a safe and loving home. Providing assistance to the living is what is noble and good. We call this charity, a virtue derived from love and concern for one another’s well-being.

Holocaust survivor and author Elie Wiesel once said, “We know that every moment is a moment of grace, every hour an offering; not to share them would mean to betray them. Our lives no longer belong to us alone; they belong to all those who need us desperately…And that is why I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.”

As a pro-choice candidate, Mr. Biden, you are choosing to remain neutral in the face of human suffering. You are choosing to turn your back on a tragic injustice. This is not charity, this is cowardice. 

Women - minority women in particular - and their children, the most innocent of society, are suffering. And liberals, under the pretense of respect for choice, continue to support and fund the gas chambers of America.  This is not respect for life, it is legal infanticide of catastrophic proportion in which our country can no longer afford to remain silent.          

Comments (2)
2 Friday, 12 October 2012 12:00
Anna Githens
A baby in a mother's womb has it's own fingerprints, gender, and DNA, is a body unto itself, and a human being worthy of respect and dignity. It can also survive outside the womb at a very young age in an incubator. It's heart can be detected at 4 weeks. Aborting that baby is stopping that heart and ending it's life.

A woman has a choice to not partake in an act that will potentially result in new life. She is fully aware of this possibility and can choose to do what she wants with her body knowing in advance this risk she is taking.
I am a woman with an intellect and I have seen the devistation that legalized abortion has had on this country since 1973. Morally we have been spiralling downward in a freefall. Millions of babies have suffered and died because of this infanticide we are choosing to keep legal.

I am thankful for my life that my biological mother chose to give me in 1964. She accepted the consequences of her actions, left college and went to live with her doctors assistant when she was in her 6th month of pregnancy, and quietly gave me up for adoption to a loving couple, my mother and father. She made many people, especially me, very happy. We have an awesome relationship now. What a selfless, loving, and charitable person she was and is! Our society desperately needs more roll models like her.
1 Friday, 12 October 2012 08:30
I do believe that making abortion illigeal would be a huge step BACKWARDS. A woman has a right to say what she will do with her own body and what happens to her own body. I can readily respect your beliefs as long as you don't impose them on me and my body.
Abortion only in cases of rape causes me to wonder how many false rape charges will be filed in order to have ones choice of abortion fulfilled. It's ridiculous and backwards. I am a Republican who WILL be voting Republican, but I am in no way in agreement with Romney/Ryan or the Republican party on this issue, and in fact believe that the Republican party needs to RETHINK this issue. We lose far too many intelligent voters just on this one issue, and the good of the country on so many important issues gets clouded due to the division of opinion on this topic.

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