I have been a loyal viewer for 12 years. Ever since my twin girls were born, I have been a stay-at-home-mom and a part-time Restaurant Manager. I remember around 12-18 months ago an episode called “Oprah and Gayle’s Cross Country Trip” which was amusing as well as enlightening. Oprah, Gayle and the crew were out west somewhere and Oprah proclaimed, “I am actually scared for our lives. I don’t think they have seen so many black people in one place at one time.”  I remember thinking, “Oh right, Oprah and Gayle are African American.” I never even thought of Oprah or Gayle as African American, I thought of them as just people; something I teach my children everyday, judge the inside, not the outside.  All is well with peace and harmony in the world. Then came the rally…

for Barack in South Carolina.  I thought, “Oh God, please not another celebrity shoving their individual ideas down our throats.  I remember thinking please Oprah don’t go political on us.  We need you Oprah for our everyday wisdom and personal affirmation, not your politics. I remember thinking I don’t have a huge bank account with an accountant, I don’t have a private, famous doctor on call and I don’t have an audience to chant my views to. Though I still watched the Oprah show it wasn’t everyday, and I was definitely jaded with the Obama endorsement ringing in my head. 

          Fast forward to September, Hillary was out, but John McCain had thrown one to our female team with the Sarah Palin VP choice. A stay at home mom, then Governor and now a Vice Presidential Nominee! The embodiment of what we have been fighting for!  All women, black, white, Asian, Indian, whatever, now can be a part of this historical election.  All is well with peace and harmony in the world.  I then heard the news stories that Oprah was not going to interview Palin until after the election. For years Oprah has been a huge advocate for the “Empowerment of Women,” regardless of color or status, the same women that had catapulted her to the huge success she has today. Women contacted Oprah begging her to have both Hillary and Sarah on, but to no avail.  Oprah showed us her true colors, please pardon the pun.  I am sure this is not the only e-mail on this subject.  Oprah, you took a huge risk and I can honestly tell you I am sad that my television and my TIVO are no longer set to the Oprah Winfrey show. You have taught us on your show the virtues of “The Secret,” you get back what you put out and if it doesn’t feel good in your gut, turn away; that is what I am doing. Good luck to you and I hope you received what you needed from your endorsement.

Karen – Rockville Centre, NY